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Is it also legal to buy Windows 10 cheaper for 11 euros?




Today many OEM desktop PCs and even laptops come without operating system lowering its selling price, forcing users to obtain an app license on their own. There are many promising pages Windows licenses 10 with prices up to 95% lower than the retail price on Microsoft's website, therefore, it is normal for us to assume that they do not work, or at least have no licenses. Next we will explain how to purchase Windows 10 and Office licenses at very reasonable rates in a completely legal way.

There are many benefits we can have there license the application it is legal and legal, such as keeping the machines updated and safe, getting the latest service drivers automatically, or just not depending on antivirus because you can count on Windows 10 integration, which will be updated regularly.

The bad part is that if you want to buy these licenses directly from Microsoft, their price exceeds the price of most PC hardware, most users come back and choose "other" options. However, if you buy Windows for just 13 euros, things are changing and it will surely make you even consider using it. KMS activists or the like.

At CDKeyoffers you have Windows 10 for 13 euros

Here are some examples of the prices you can buy for Windows 10 or Office at this online store:

Official licenses at this price, can they?

As we mentioned, the origin of these licenses is questioned. How can they sell at this price if Microsoft sells them too expensive? This "counterfeit plan" is contained in a clause issued by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on July 3, 2012, which summarizes that the user's licenses are his / her own property, even if they are physically buying them. (CD, DVD, etc.) and digital (license keys).


This means that if you buy an OEM PC that comes with Windows 10 installed, that operating license is yours forever and you can do whatever you want with it, including re-selling it. And that's exactly what stores like CDKeyoffers do, buy cheap OEM licenses, re-engineer them with Microsoft, and then sell them again.

This practice, when they do it on a larger scale with disposable equipment, it allows them to be purchased at a very low price and then later offer the prices they offer. So, to answer the main question, yes it is absolutely correct legal and legal, and once you have purchased them and activated them on your computer you will no longer own anything, that license will be yours forever.


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