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Javier Bardem's best movies on Netflix




Javier Bardem is one of the most famous Spanish actors in the international arena. Canary won Best Supporting Actor Oscar for her role There is no world for the old (available on Netflix), and starred in feature films like Ham Ham, Mouth to mouth either Going to sea

Not surprisingly, if you have a Netflix account, you want a great movie where Javier Bardem makes it so he can see through the platform.

There are only five Javier Bardem movies you can watch right now on Netflix, or the fact that five are better than nothing. We were delighted to receive a degree known as Loving Pablo either There is no world for the old.

In this article we tell you more about the five Javier Bardem movies that are available on the Netflix platform. You might also want to know the films of other Spanish actors like Antonio Banderas either Penelope Cruz available on Netflix.

On the other hand, if you haven't already Netflix, We recommend that you check the prices of its different packages. The base will cost you about 7.99 euros a month, a very reasonable price looking at the main catalog of the series and movies you can reach whenever you want.

1. To love Pablo

Pablo's love is based on a letter by Colombian journalist Virginia Vallejo, Loving Pablo, hating Escobar, who in the 1980s had a relationship with a drug dealer.

Both Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz (acting as Virginia Vallejo) were nominated for Goya in 2017 for their lead role in the film about Colombian life Pablo Escobar.

2. Eat, pray, love

And based on the book, this autobiographical, the film tells the story of a woman who decides to find herself on several trips made in Italy, India, Bali and Indonesia. He had everything that anyone should want: a promising career, a marriage, financial security … Yet, he was unhappy and decided to take a risk.

3. It is not the land of the old men

No Country for Adults is one of the most memorable films where Bardem comes from. Four Oscars in 2007 (eight names), two Golden Globes Awards, three BAFTA Wards, and the list goes on…

The film begins in the most bizarre way: set in 1980, on the Texas border. It will be when an antelope hunter discovers several bodies on the ground and two million dollars in cash and a few pounds of cocaine.

4. Cold meat

The 1997 Pedro Almodóvar film begins with a conversation between Elena, who is waiting for her camel, two policemen, and a troubled teenager and Elena. When they meet again after two years, their lives will be completely changed.

5. Distant heels

Tacones lejanos (1991), who is also Almodóvar, tells us about the murder of Rebeca's husband, the fierce love of Becky. By default, the judge who had to investigate said the case was also a nod to the Queen last night. Which person is playing? Becky herself.


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