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NVIDIA GA103 Ampere can be canceled by gaming GPUs




Rumors of the Ampere and its G100 have not only been accurate, but have shown that the details included have marked a huge load of reason for the upcoming chips. The Tesla A100, as we saw yesterday, will be disconnected from the GA100 chips IA and HPC, something that was not legally understood but which when the presentation was better understood.

For some reason, NVIDIA has moved into the gaming range and though it would make a presentation with its new chip that has never been seen before, the new rumors that unveiled the GA100 in recent months now mean something new. GA103 you can stay in ink.

NVIDIA GA103, an unknown chip that has never been shown


As we all know, NVIDIA has never been in love with the higher end variants than the 3 or 4 models. Given the success rate of the rumors confirmed yesterday, we will consider the operators today confirming by the same sources that NVIDIA has restored its game line.

The GA103 it was a chip unknown to everyone. Never in history have they put three TOP chips and a top list, where as we always know the X102 and X104 respectively. We were exploring the possible part with AMD and Navi 2X internally RDNA2 and a subsequent move to NVIDIA with this chip, but it looks like nothing will ever come true.

So sources say the GA103 chip can be canceled, thus leaving the distances so far on suspicion RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070

such as Ampere's core GPUs.

GA104 may be the first to record and be ready


Given the size we will be dealing with with Ampere, it is not surprising that production starts off with a little bit of searching for replacement to minimize the loss and achieve an effective chip rate and thus improve each performance.

This is exactly what seems to be happening at headquarters of Samsung, where if we follow the tactical line of rumors, the GA104 may be the chip to reach 8nm under the Koreans. The chip chip and the following sources confirming the cancellation of GA103, are about to be produced so we can deal with Ampere's imminent gaming arrival.

Guess makes us think that the split between GA104, GA103 and GA102 It was so close to working with the price of these chips and that the cancellation of the aforementioned and the first recording is a sign that NVIDIA looks no longer AMD at the high end and that RDNA 2, albeit more expensive, will step back from Ampere in sports.

If this were true, we would have to pay attention to the price set for someone else, Will the Navi vs Turing case ever repeat itself?


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