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NVIDIA Introduces New Minecraft RTX Worlds




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NVIDIA has partnered with famous creators of Minecraft creating new worlds in between Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10 Beta and thus allow players to enjoy it for free. This is our second version of the experience Minecraft and five new lands are available in the Minecraft from today.

New experiences for Minecraft enter:

  • Hilltop Lifestyle RTX by PearlescentMoon – From the builder of Color, Light and Shadow RTX From the first release, Holtop Lifestyle RTX is a survival niche that is mapped to a new external map that uses many concepts, improvements, and features identified in its previous ray tracing and physics-based texture display. In this new country, users will explore the beautiful island of Hilltop L Lifeyle and learn how to live in the Italian countryside.
  • Egg Hunt For Your Feeding Feed – Located deep in the earth, Egg Huntes is a new stand-out game with an unknown cave full of puzzles, traps, secrets and fun challenges. The goal is to find the hidden eggs to end both ways of the game in the shortest time possible.
  • Medieval RTX by Aurelien_Sama – Medieval RTX is a place for survivors with a medieval village built under ancient destruction, divine rays of sunlight shining all over the valley. As the night comes and the shadows grow longer and darker, the dangers linger.
  • Black Village RTX by Wyld – Black Village RTX
    It is a survival niche found in a deserted village, where the beauty of disappearing symbols has long been forgotten. Below this valley is a fearsome place hidden. Players will follow the quest, solve practical puzzles, uncover secrets, and see the light-filled shadows to see if their beauty rises to the fore in days.
  • IamSp00n's Observer RTX – Classified as an adventure, the Observer RTX is a world that begins deep underground. The player looks at his new environment, revealing the secrets of his burial place. Along the way, they found world information revealing the fate of Observer citizens.

About Minecraft via RTX

Last month NVIDIA, Microsoft Studios, and Mojang released Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10 Bedrock Edition as a beta and six years of Minecraft experience. Minecraft with RTX is an advanced form of ray tracing called path tracking, physics-based innovations, and NVIDIA DLSS 2.0. This technology is teaming up to bring an amazing new level of image quality to Minecraft, the world's best-selling video game.

About creators

NVIDIA has hired several internally recognized people to create a new Minecraft experience. Of course:

  • PearlescentMoon – An Australian player working within Minecraft in areas with a passion for design; He is a proud member of Brian's own design team. As an artist of Minecraft, PearlescentMoon has gained a loyal following online with its ability to create a beautiful composition within the game world. She shared her art on her YouTube channel, PearlescentMoon, which now has close to 90,000 subscribers. He has also created Color, Light, and Shadow RTX from the first issue.
  • Beast Crew Feed – The Beast Feed is a collection of modes of the popular Minecraft arena game. Designed to improve the game, the Beast feed provides an easy way to play Minecraft modded without having to go through the difficulty of installing each mod. After the success of the feed The Beast, the people working on this project formed the Feed The Beast team, becoming the leading experts in the unique and engaging mapping game in Minecraft.
  • Aurelien_Sama – A Belgian YouTuber and gamer responsible for Minecraft, Aurelien Samain specializes in designing and designing environments that allow Minecrafting fun combinations of design and construction.
  • Wyld – A long-time developer of Minecraft and broadcasts, originally from Australia, pre-feed the BeastModpack developer and currently running Twitch. He is known for his modpack series, Ultra Hard Survival.
  • AmSp00n – A Twitch partner who lives in the United States and creates content. He has also participated in Minecraft games and modding for several years. Recently it has developed a participatory mode of participation for the Minecraft community in broadcasting.


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