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NVIDIA RTX 30 Graphics Cards Expected Stock Expiration



NVIDIA RTX 30 Graphics Cards Expected Stock Expiration

One of the main reasons NVIDIA has chosen Samsung's 8nm production process is because the company will allow them to overcome the existing power limitations at TSMC. However, unfortunately for gamers, market analysts have predicted that the stock Ampere graphics will be small until the end of this year or the first of next year, so they recommend that users if they want to buy one of these drawings, make bookings much faster.

The NVIDIA RTX 30 series, is out of stock to meet demand

According to sources, the reason for the stock shortage is that NVIDIA is unsure of the high performance of Samsung's new 8nm system and, given the obvious operating benefits they have above all other markets, they want to voluntarily reduce the number of wafers produced until performance can be increased (in part for Samsung).

No matter how many users we use, this looks like a good business decision, at least in NVIDIA's financial interests. Well, we have to keep in mind that they may eventually be able to do so increase the price of the RTX 30 series In addition to its MSRP, many users will keep current stocks limited and resell them at very high prices (a common market speculation where there is a shortage of product stock).

No matter what happens, Ampere is here and with Samsung's 8nm node they should have enough graphics cards ready to meet the requirements, at least once this initial explosion of interest passes (in other words, such as 2021).

NVIDIA can specify the price, it is not competitive

The NVIDIA RTX 30 series marks a change in the industry. Each of the announced drawings, including the RTX 3070, is superior to the previous generation (the RTX 2080 Ti), a painting that had no competition in the market, and this had not happened in the industry since 2004.

In addition NVIDIA has provided a large “discount” (or price reduction) that takes into account the performance of each dollar compared to the current generation of graphics, or in other words, offers RTX 3070 higher than the RTX 2080 Ti less than half the price, for example.

If you look at the data provided by NVIDIA, it is unlikely that AMD will be able to go head-to-head with this level of performance, even with its following graphics. Great Navi (Also, it is possible that NVIDIA had its ace up sleeve (¿RTX 3070 Ti?) is correct when AMD launches). In fact, in the source they even said that AMD itself thinks that the launch of Big Navi will only mean the company's unnecessary R&D costs, and they could go back delay in its release.

In any case, all indications are that NVIDIA will be somewhat aggressive in the market for a long time with this RTX 30 series, and once the company completes the first stock of drawings it has already made (something that will happen sooner rather than later), they can raise the price (and indeed).

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