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OnePlus Buds Review: The first fully Wireless OnePlus Headset



OnePlus Buds Review: The first fully Wireless OnePlus Headset

As has been the case with other telecommunications companies, OnePlus aims to increase its visibility and portfolio of products to be developed, which, with the advent of the new OnePlus Nord, has announced the wireless OnePlus Buds wireless.

The company, which seems to have slowed down to get into the real train of wireless devices, adheres to the headlines of the Bullets Wireless Z launched this April, finally deciding to enter the market.

It also operates in the hands of OnePlus Buds, a low-budget device that aims to get closer to the needs of today's users when listening to music and using a mobile phone in hands-free mode. on the go.

The stocks of the new OnePlus Buds are coming to market with their great battery life which they say can last more than 30 hours of use, quick charge for their charge, and water resistance with IPX4 certification.

Let’s take a look at all how these devices can deliver us in the face of the already fierce competition in the market, where few people consider buying new headphones if there is no effective audio cancellation in the ANC’s way.

Design and build quality

Honestly, OnePlus Buds eats a lot of the first-generation Apple AirPods brands, despite the fact that in terms of size, the volume of the writing space is much larger, and the size of the trunk, the fruits of high battery consumption.

Like AirPods, these use half-ear format without silicone tips that seem to be the latest trend if you really want to get the best fit of headphones in your ears.

You may find them for the price of white (shown here), blue and gray, which appear to be black, as is the case with the new OnePlus Nord of the same color. The structure of the cable cylinder is something that they acquire as an ammunition company, in general circles.

They look good, although as we say, make-up has some problems. Without silicone tips, external noise is easy to touch what you hear without being able to do anything about it.

The higher the size of the head you have a good idea when you find it possible to contact them by tapping them slightly in their outer circle, which you will get an advanced experience of handling them.

Currently, the OnePlus has features limited to double tap or in long presses, in addition to other possible controls. This company seems to be working on it to improve this experience.

By default, double clicking allows you to skip audio tracks. If you select a long-term press, you can answer incoming calls, but without advanced play control or pause unless you remove earplugs.

OnePlus lets you change this default setting, but you're using the OnePlus phone right now, which means that anyone with a third-party Android phone won't be able to stop playing music at any time, for example.

One of the benefits to us in the specific paper is that you have IPX4 water resistance, so you can feel comfortable if you decide to use it in the rain, accidentally dive into the water, or decide to play games with it.

The charging base features a beautiful format with a simple matte white finish that matches the color you choose for your headphones. One LED indicator shows the battery level, while the USB C port charges the battery.

Audio quality

Sound is powered by a dynamic driver of 13.4mm on each earbud. It is the largest we have ever hired OnePlus on its headphones, allowing the Buds to bring the power of bass passing through their wire predecessors.

However, stay with the message that they are not the best bass headphones on the market, they are not the most powerful, but they offer enough to drain the battery of your music band.

The sound mixing doesn’t have too much bass, with a moderate automatic sound profile that should delight the most t astes and genres of music. There is also support for Dolby Atmos, a technology that is expected to impact AirPods Pro.

There are some hidden Buds functions that we show here, such as Fnatic mode you can use on your OnePlus phone to switch to low latency mode at 103 ms and keep the sounds synchronized with the game. This seems to affect your battery life.

The call level also sounds good. OnePlus has a built-in microphone inside each earbud, used to capture voice and reduce noise between calls.

Many headphones promise this feature, but few take advantage of the situation. In fact, it does not prevent everything, but it does a good job of removing a lot of noise from the road, which is a great achievement.

Now, this type of audio cancellation only works on your voice when you are on the phone, so there is no active audio cancellation or ANC function, something that many others in the market can boast of.

If you are looking for quality, we invite you to take a look the best headsets you can buy this year.

Big battery and fast money

To get to this important factor that can be decided at the time of purchase, beyond sound quality, we must say that OnePlus Buds reaches the top of this category, reaching an independent 30-hour period when combining the case with its use.

The timing of the headphones does not look much better than the others, but frankly, the case provides an important addition to us so that we can reach these good times that allow us to face the full day of use without switching to the charger cable.

It is also true that there are others like Samsung Samsung Buds + who are all winners by offering the opportunity to play for more than 11 hours, on the pretext that they are not doing the job of canceling the ANC's audio cancellation either.

The burden of guilt is also impressive. There is no wireless charging, but it supports a 30W charger with a cord, so in just 10 minutes you will have enough money to use it for 10 hours of use.

Please note that you will need a OnePlus 30T charger not included in the Buds box. Headphones don’t charge as quickly as the case does, however, so 10 minutes of power will give you 10 hours of headphones.

Pairing with your OnePlus phone will allow you to see a glimpse of the topics, but it's a bit of a hassle in communicating with product models, and that doesn't extend to the entire mobile live system.

Price and availability

As you probably know, new OnePlus Buds They were recently announced in conjunction with the portable OnePlus Nord, at a proposed retail price of $79. Therefore, they are built within models that are considered low budget where there is strong competition.

Huawei has it Freebuds 3i at a high price of $129, while the Honor Magic Earbuds have had the opportunity to test it for a suggested price of $89, ​​it offers sound replacement and excellent performance.

As we have said, the competition is fierce and OnePlus Buds offers a solid set of features for its price, but with improved audio quality and a unique user experience unlike any other mobile environment.

The final decision

OnePlus Buds is not a bad buy if you already have a mobile brand. Strong noise, good battery life and fast charging are its strengths, even though they are featured in a day-to-day formulation that will not have better quality pills.

When using Buds with another Android phone from OnePlus, you miss the low-latency mode that is most interesting for those who play games on their mobile phones, in addition to customizing their controls, which limits the experience of using it. These reasons reduce your final score.


  • 13.4mm wireless headphones
  • Touch controls
  • Proximity detection
  • Bluetooth 5.0 10 meter distance
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Charge charging with 30 W USB-C charging
  • Earphone: 35 mAh / Charging case: 430 mAh
  • Head weight: 4.7 grams. Case weight: 37 grams
  • Gray, white, and blue

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