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PS5 Pro Console, the first with a different CPU and GPU?



PS5 Pro Console, the first with a different CPU and GPU?

That a patent exists. Now, the company's plans for it are still a mystery, and although it is considered rational that the  PS5 Pro as a strong candidate to release this amazing design, may eventually be as many other events and that ends up in nothing, because registering a patent does not mean that the final product will be used later.

In any case, both the two-way CPU and GPU are still interesting, so let’s take a look.

PS5 Pro, first CPU and GPU console

In the diagram shown by the patent we see several solutions, such as two identical APUs integrated together into a single file (FIG. 3). In this case, each APU incorporates its own CPU, GPU, memory controller and RAM, but with an internal bridge that connects both APUs. In any case, this figure shows a single death that includes two full APUs within which it works in tandem, but also states that memory access is not the same, proving that it works collaboratively with the CPU and GPU but not its memory or controller.

In the following patent (FIG. 4) patent, what you see is two CPU + GPU (APU) sets that in this case have one memory controller and, therefore, also share system RAM shown separately in the diagram. In this it is also revealed that these are different and the independent die.

Finally, the third patent (FIG. 5) shows that we have a major death that includes an APU with its memory and RAM controller, and without any other death that in this case there is only a CPU and GPU, connected to a patent memory controller the first. ISONY defines it as “additional death with additional APU”, and the formulation suggests that in this case the additional APU could function as a coprocessor.

As explained in the patent, its purpose is to explain whether it is possible to provide a console (yes, they show it which is why the hypothetical PS5 Pro) GPU varied and local and network access to the second GPU is gaining power.

A concert in the cloud?

The fact that they are talking about network access means that it is possible that the second APU we have seen patent statistics refers to SONY cloud servers that help computing improve performance. However, and since we do not have a working statistics, we should also consider the possibility that it is just a “creation rod”, a rumor and that it has been shaken for a while.

It could be a $100 “PlayStation console” and that could take the form of a USB pen drive (actually via a USB or HDMI connection) and that could only install Hardware so it can connect to PlayStation servers so you can play on cloud with your PSNow service.

There may be, and in fact the patent can be just a low power SoC and that the second CPU and GPU refer to SONY cloud servers.

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