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Digimon Adventure: The final update of Evolution Kizuna: The final fans are waiting



Digimon Adventure: The final update of Evolution Kizuna: The final fans are waiting

Same fight star Wars compared Star Trek or Marvel vs. DC to make it clear that it is impossible for fandoms to agree on anything. But for some kind of kid in the 90s, there was no fight more important than the war in between Digimon and Pokémon. Although the franchises have the same names, both were born as video games, and have children who continue to sacrifice themselves with the unknown beasts that fight for them, their recent film projects show significant differences between the two layers.

Where Pokémon: Mewtwo Beats Back – Evolution re-shooting of the first shot Pokémon movie, with updated CGI animation and in addition to the original songs, a recently released movie Digimon Adventure: The Last Evolution Kizuna is the culmination of 20-year-old stories, closing the book with a lovely franchise by looking back at what made it so special, and acknowledging that the characters or audience can’t stay kids forever.

In its opening square, Nature Conservation it starts by taking us back to where it all started, on the streets of Tokyo, where the giant Parrotmon crashes from Digital World and begins to wreak havoc, while Maurice Ravel's “Boléro” plays in the background. Viewers who find it aside to visualize a film with its sleeves in its sleeves by playing the first musical version of the 1990 anime theme song should be warned: maybe this movie is not for you. But if the sound of the late Kouji Wada's “Butter-Fly” brings tears to your eyes, then it's best to bring a towel when you look, because Nature Conservation

similar Toy Story 3 for anime fans.

Two DigiDestined rides on their Digimon in the standard orange field
Although the opening scene directly shows the opening of the 2000’s Digimon: The Movie, let the audience know immediately that things have changed. These are not the 90s, and technology has grown with DigiDestined, who now integrate mid-war strategy as an anime version of The Avengers. Five years later the events of the 2015 film series took place The Third Digimon, and 10 years after the events of the original series, DigiDestined has grown as much as the audience did. Izzy (Mutsumi Tamura) is now the CEO of a technology company. Joe (Junya Ikeda) is in medical school. Mimi (Hitomi Yoshida) works as a promoter of “spreading kawaii” around the world. Sora (Suzuko Mimori) apparently left DigiDestined behind to focus on pursuing her family business, as seen in the prequel of the short film “To Sora. ”Even children from the 2000's Digimon and sacrifice 02 they are back, after a surprising absence of time The Third Digimon. After the opening credits filled with nostalgia, a new threat emerges and follows everything DigiDestined has done around the world. And Tai (Natsuki Hanae) gets a timer on her Digivice, counting so far when her relationship with her Digimon Agumon will end permanently.

Kizuna fast and has great combat scenes, including scenes featuring the artistic style of Mamoru Hosada's pre-directed films with new digital animation techniques. But director Tomohisa Taguchi and the animation team at Yumeta Company have made it clear that this film is for thousands of people who have grown up with the right to buy and want more than just ongoing battle scenes. The plot is a detective story with an amazing mystery in the middle, and the tone is much smaller than most modern movies, as the end of the relationship between DigiDestined and their Digimon puts a lot of dignity everywhere they go. Happily, the film gives the characters enough time to breathe, in a quiet sequence in which they think about their future and the past, without dialogue and small notes.

Real Digimon and sacrifice highlighted some of the heavy themes of the children's show, including divorce, depression, and death. And as the characters grew, the themes continued to grow. Tai will have a drink with Matt (Yoshimasa Hosoya), and now works part-time at a gambling establishment, and has a gay porn in his apartment. She has no idea what she will do with her future. Although Joe, Izzy, Mimi and Sora look well-organized in their 20s, Tai and Matt struggle to decide what to do with their lives and how they will let go of their childhood as they prepare to become an insecure adult.

Digimon's characters, people and Digimon together, all gathered around to watch the cameraThe film begins with the caption “the more people accept the destiny they choose, the more they will grow old,” and the popularity of the film will depend on how they define it. While we know that the film counts to the point where DigiDestined is growing and leaving its old tragedies behind, there is no clear idea of ​​what the film considers to be “growth.” It is especially true at a time when people realize that they can no longer make their lives as they were when they were children, and the life they are entering now.

But there is also the danger of forcing yourself to grow up without it. It’s about those who think they should leave their old friends and live behind, and those who strive to embrace the past and the future as much as possible. Like Toy Story 3, Kizuna goes to the painful conclusion that the wave of childhood while suggesting that in the end, we have all learned to find a balance between our obligations and our desires. Some viewers may disagree with the film's handling of the theme and its connection to the infamous epilogue from Digimon and sacrifice 02, including both DigiDestined teams, as well as their Digimon and their children, in the distant future. But for those on the board about how the film handles transformation in childhood, Nature Conservation it will be like saying goodbye to a childhood friend whom you do not usually talk to, but who is attached to your heart.

Digimon Adventure: The Last Evolution Kizuna can add the best to the file Digimon The franchise has since Mamoru Hosoda was in charge. Its reference to the franchise's previous installments, its amazing cameos, and its emotional story all help set the tone for 20 years of self-sacrifice, while providing a good backdrop for fans who may have missed the bottom line. Third a series of films. It is a love book not only for the whole franchise, but for those who grew up watching these characters of all ages. This is the end that fans have been waiting for.

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