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Doom Mod Has Isabelle's Fallen Animal to Help You Kill Demons




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Screen: itsmeveronica (ModDB)

The judgment and Animal Crossing fans spent the last year converging on Doomguy and Isabelle be best friends. Now finally there's a mode for them to get together and kick a donkey.

Created by The judgment modder itsmeveronica and was released last week, Isabelle mod adds Isabelle as a partner to the first three The judgment games and follows Doomguy as he tries to fight the destructive power of hell. He will crush the demons with his clay pots and feed them with his confetti bombs. He'll throw you a bunch of health packs and extra ammunition, because that's what the best friends are.

While Isabelle will do all of this on her own, you can also give her instructions for her enemies to ignore her as they follow you or stay put them somewhere. It's funny, no no, and it's funny, and it's a great way to play ahead of time The judgment

games for anyone threatened by first-person shooters. Isabelle will not die, and she does an excellent job of making sure it is no different.

Itsmeveronica said they finally decided to make the mod earlier this month after being inspired by everyone fanart roaming online. While the mod occasionally has some bugs, it also comes with minimal touches such as useless animation when you spend too much time between killing things. Easy to Download: All you need is your copy The judgment, Doom II, or Final Judgment and mod and drag and drop to GZDoom open source port.

Now we'll see if Animal Crossing fans can find a way to hack Doomguy in the middle New Horizons.


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