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Epic Says One Moment In Their D5 Tech Demo Could Not Hide Uploads




Episode One New Epic Unreal 5 5 tech engineer what stuck with me was when the opposing inches passed narrowly into the cave. It's the kind I've seen hundreds of times with this console generation and I've learned to make time to buy games while signing a new section in the background. Epic says that was not the case here.

The technical demo was working on PS5 hardware development, and since then The console was unveiled last year, How has Sony been doing this its new faster SSD will significantly reduce loading times. The fact that the demo still shows someone trying to drag themselves between a real rock and a hard place seemed strange. According to Epic, that part of the demo wasn't confident. It was a creative decision designed to show the engine of the new game.

"The purpose of this part was to force the players' camera to be near the wall to show how much detail there was on the scene," an Epic spokesperson said Kotaku in the email. "We weren't trying to hide any uploads but we were actually showing some nice close-knit assets."

One of the highlights of UE5 is how broader the game can look with appreciation than its new Nanite tech, which provide millions of triangles each with 8K frames installed. In other words the rocks looked really beautiful and Epic wanted to give people a few seconds to say thank you.

Epic special technical manager, Jeff Farris, is detailed on Twitter to say that proximity was also intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the new tech. In it, the sounds are created like the sound of a protagonist, holding the face of a rock, and fires through different sounds and as if they came from somewhere in the environment. Who knows if the next genre games will be able to use these effects, but the show is very convincing.

An Epic spokeswoman said the previous version of the demo script revealed that none of this was a trick to hide load times, but that the lines were cut in the final draft.


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