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Even Ronda Rousey has an Exclusive Video Game Streaming Deal Now




Picture: Ronda Rousey

You know The World of War fan, Death of the Combat character, someone who has a bad idea about transfer rights, and WWW wrestler Ronda Rousey has officially entered the profitable world of video game streaming. It was announced that, starting next week, he would be doing this on Facebook only.

In posts on Instagram, Rousey described the video game streaming as "one of the most comprehensive and realistic," which is why she decided to try her hand at it. In a media statement, he said the broadcast would leave him stripped of the iconic mask he was fighting as a wrestler and as a wrestler. "On my broadcasts, people can associate with me personally, not my type they & # 39; ve often seen," he said. Of course, the broadcast is still playing characters, given that they have to drive their personality at least a little bit to keep viewers happy, so your mileage may be different if you're hoping to get a real front row seat.

Rousey will release on Facebook the torrent of the Australian firefighter next Tuesday, with regular streams every Monday evening.

Rousey hasn't hidden her love of playing over the years. He also said that, even after becoming an MMA and becoming a wrestling star, sports remained an important part of his life as a “way to keep my mind active when my body was too tired or tired to go.” He also narrated the kinda incurable issue Pokemon what impresses me most is that he was named by a radio broadcaster: “One of my favorite sports events came when I was 11, and (I) met Articuno at Pokemon Blue

first. I was surprised and thought he looked like an angel. When I look back at that picture now, I wonder how powerful our thoughts can be and how gambling encourages us to think about what our reality can be rather than just accepting it because it is a skill that has helped me in fighting and fighting entertainment. ”

Facebook has been making great strides in the deadly offensive wars, receiving names such as Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Corinna Kopf, and Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios over the past few months. And in time significant multimillion-dollar broadcasting deals have so far gone to ex-Twitch stars such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek (both have moved to Mixer), the world of traditional fame they see more and more. Rousey's signing is proof of that, and it follows Drake's collaboration with Caffeine for live streaming, which he announced earlier this week. The streaming of the video game is changing fast, its days as a special nerdy 20-somethings center on their bedrooms seem to be gone. Now some rich 30-somethings are designed to look like their own rooms and are in action. Collecting gobs money from many of the world's largest companies, it turns out, will do that. What does all this mean for these developers it is not The rich and famous is always a very, very difficult question.

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