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First look at the PlayStation 5 Graphics Comes with Inreal Engine 5 Demo




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Screen: Epic Games

Epic Games gave us our first look at what games running on the PS5 might look like today Summer Summer Summer with a Dream Engine demo running on Sony's next-gen console.

Called "Lumen in the Land of Nanite," the sign is not part of any game intended for release according to The Washington Post, but Epic Games said it was completely playable. The tech demo itself was released out of the original PS5 via HDMI.

It meant to showcase the next game development of the company engine, Dream Engine 5, and specifically two new features then: Lumen and Nanite. The first refers to the lighting system development tools while the second is designed to create better information.

Here is the full technical guide:

Tech and demos are not representative of the true game graphics because they usually do not have to account for all the other things that usually happen in the game. Back in 2012 Square Enix shared a real-time demo called The philosophy of Agni that I ended up claiming that it was better than any of the games it was soon after. Also, the tech demo is a fascinating look at the kinds of things that could happen on the PS5.

Another look at our next gameplay was last week when Microsoft showed riders of several games running on the Xbox Series X. Those were real games not just for tech demos, but also for highly programmed vendors that didn't provide insight. the way next-gen games actually might look or play differently.

When a post-demo interview by Geoff Keighley, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney did not bite when asked to compare the capabilities of the PS5 to the Xbox Series X. Instead, the head of Epic Games visions in particular touting new capabilities regarding PS5's SSD technology.

"The storage capacity on the PS5 is still far beyond what you can buy from anything on a PC at any price," said Sweeney you were told The Verge. "It will be useful to drive the future PC. [PC market] will see this thing and say, & # 39; Wow, SSDs will need to deal with this. & # 39;" At the same time he was left to say how that would reach SSD speed. promised by Microsoft.

Xbox Series X PS5 are both coming out due later this year. Epic games tell Send that Inreal Engine 5 will be widely available until 2021, via Fortnite getting stuck in a new engine after launching the next gen consoles in Dream Engine 4.


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