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Snowpiercer update: Don't compare the TNT series with Bong joon-ho's movie




The biggest obstacle to converting Bong Joon-ho's 2013 science fiction feature Snow ice in the TV series is the same now facing The lungs Adapting to TV: It's hard to confuse with what's not broken. It is a film Snow ice, adapted from a French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, it's very subtle: In the new ice age, the last remains of humanity are whistled around the world by train. Riders are divided into parts of the class, with the rich enjoying large cars and luxurious food, while those are attached to space wagon cars and frozen “food bars”.

Director Bong and co-writer Kelly Masterson round out the nudity of the speculative story in full-length talks. The action keeps going up-and-down the train, and endless crowds of supplements increase the adrenaline through chronic claustrophobia. TV series – directed by Josh Friedman before his replacement (due to "creative differences”For network) The Black Orphanage Comedian co-producer Graeme Manson – a successful horror adaptation of its first seasons, but the 10 episodes of the first season of the show leave it plenty of space to fill.

The overall structure of the TV is very similar: The train circulates around the world following an evil attempt to stop climate change, with its passengers – called "tails," and the third, second and first passengers – live on various squalors or opulence. However, as the years go by, chaos begins to increase. The idea of ​​exploring a train, seeing each new car, captures the audience, and the series tries to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible by opening each episode with a reminder from a different character, reflecting on the past and the afterlife. Anyway, any sense of luxury appears after the first two episodes, not least because the on-screen is already seen in the director's film Bong. Cutesy learning car, club car – that's old news.

a group of people stand inside the hall

Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, and Jennifer Connelly at Snow ice
Photo: TNT

But the show brings two major changes. Another real type of Wilford, the man responsible for creating the train. The other is to add a murder mystery. The presence of a deadly shooting train leads to those in charge of summoning the train's only murder detective, Layton (David Diggs). What is striking is that Layton is from the tail section, and is one of the leaders of the revolution.

His investigations give the show a reason to try to get deeper into the train section's dimensions, but any notion of train rigidity is lost dramatically as Layton progresses and freedom. There is no more sense of space created directly; it is also possible that you are exploring a common area. Snow ice it feels a bit like the TNT series and more like the production of SyFy: without the occasional threat of a train stop, nothing separates the train from the atmospheric colon outside of la Firefly either The atmosphere.

The show has also come up with a real-world struggle for the genre of film, as it is about the characters to eat the rich, and described the train as “a fortress to learn.” All you need is a one percent direct call. The character variables are roughly the same, with a single character plot and general strategies developed focusing on the chess poster in his room, and the clothing items marked with the MI.T logo. and Jale. The rebellious teenager, meanwhile, seems to have her wardrobe completely pulled over from Hot Topic. There is nothing fictional or bizarre like Tilda Swinton's character character for the movie, her bad teeth and the Coke box mirrors.

a line of well-dressed people

Concerned citizens of Snowpiercer.
Photo: Justina Mintz / TNT

Even the world of the show is a little off: the color on the screen looks good, making the distinction between classes and parts of the train less talked about. Unconvincing's CGI exacerbates the problem; or the scenes set inside the train do not give a second cause, any firearm showing a speeding train in its tracks or a window fling makes suspension of disbelief imminent – impossible.

Fortunately, most of these games are strong enough to distract from private discussion and world-building. The gathering scene is impressive: Jennifer Connelly as Melanie, the hospitality train manager; Alison Wright as Ruth, the closest thing to this film to Swinton's character; Shaun Toub as Terenda, a vicious member of the janitorial staff; Steven Ogg as a fellow rebel; the list goes on. The feelings they convey, whether it is frustration with their lifestyle or a strong belief that order is required for survival, are a very strong thing for viewers to hold on to.

The mystery of murder takes center stage during the season, but the balance between that song and the story in class struggle remains elusive. Or the series is released as a compilation of graphic novels and film versions Snow ice, it's best to take it as a whole different story. There is no escaping the extent of the theme imbalance, but the series is getting closer The Hunger Games rather than The lungs. The fight for equality drives an action, but that real action – the characters' relationship with the same melodrama – begins. This train does not operate at the same speed.

Snow ice will air on TNT on Sunday, May 15 at 9PM ET, with new episodes every week.

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