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The Last Blacklist Season 7 Looks Like A PS2 Game




From Black list
Gif: NBC (On Twitter)

Black list, a TV show on NBC, passed its seventh season on Friday night. Because of the 19-COVID, the last episode we hadIt was finished and the production team had to use the animation to finish the last episode. The results are startling and silly. Piece looks like a PS2 forgotten.

After only four days of shooting Black List Finally, the production was stopped due to the epidemic. This has been a problem as it means the story has been left incomplete for the current season. So a creative solution was found: Name all the scenes that the film could not do well. The result is an odd view.

This whole thing looks almost like some have never released a PS2 game featuring James Spader.

Animation is cheap, easy, or fast. So the production team of the show turned to animation kwisudiyo non-traditional end the episode. Evidence often does preview work, editing movies or TV shows using CG images. This item is an important task and helps directors and producers put together great films or episodes, but it's not often that this animation is intended to be viewed by the audience.

Still, he did nothe is on the black list this will be different. Evidence five weeks to complete the 20 minutes Animation. According to an interview on Indiewire

, Usually Proof will work for months in one place. So this is instant. And while I find their work fascinating, when combined with real-life actors it becomes a great idea to watch.

This was not a proper and productive situation for something that could be insulted and made fun of, and then I get it. It looks fierce. Like a bizarre cutscene from a mid-2000s arcade game. But another thought that was worth staying for just months and not letting go, I think I am getting the decision to make a natural conclusion.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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