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Control is one of last year's best games, but that doesn't mean it is perfect. One of the biggest complaints players have had about the game that covers Remedy's mind is that the game's map has been very difficult to read. To future game pack, Remedy will address the problem and make the map easier to use.

Complaints about ControlThe map started as soon as the game was released. In fact, just a few days after its release, Reedy issued a statement informing fans that the builder was already planning to renovate the map. The main goal of that review was not to fix how hard the map was read, but rather how often it failed to load – a very serious problem. Remedy released the map modification failed to load in September.

Now that loads are loading, Remedy is actually setting a goal for map reading. In a video was released Monday morning, Remedy outlined the goals of the upcoming pool, which included showing a new map UI that seemed to do a better job of highlighting the various levels of the old House.

The patch is scheduled to go down on March 26, the same day Control

It will be first expanded to the Epic Games store and PlayStation 4. The extension is called Foundation and will break down to the lower levels of the Old House so that Jesse can find his secrets. That means that levels are sure to get a little confusing, and a new and improved map should help with that.

As well as map changes, this pool brings a few other updates Control. Adding to the game is a new skill called Shield Rush that will allow hunter Jesse to take out the debris from the environment and make a shield in front of him and quickly look for enemies. The patch will also update the skill tree and add a feature to allow players to submit Jesse's skill points. Finally, Remedy adds Nvidia DLSS 2.0 for players with RTX graphics cards.

The patch is scheduled to go live on all issues with the PC, including the Xbox One that won't receive The Foundation until June 25.


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