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The second episode of Westworld: Who is real, what is fantasy, and why anything can happen




Westworld Season 3 plays, to put it on screenplay, similar to Act 3. There has been no confirmation from HBO that this is the last season of Lisa-Joy and Jonathan Nolan & # 39; scy-fi, but of course the cast of Dolores, Bernard, Maeve , and the organizations involved in the arrest of their resurrection, are all in a hurry.

Unlike periods 1 and 2, there seem to be a few mysteries to solve, and ethical issues to deal with. Is Dolores the hero or villain of the story? Can Bernard keep his biscuit mind strong enough to protect his apocalypse (if that is something he should be doing)? And now in episode 2, "The Love Line," the same question falls on Maeve's clothes: Do you need to be Dolores' friend or foe to meet her daughter?

Big questions keep the action moving at a high speed. But this is it Westworld, together with Joy and Nolan who are experts in making us look one way so we don't see the hand working in another. Is there a big show waiting to happen in season 3?

"Reveal" may eventually be the wrong word, but after episode 2, viewers may wonder how the show re-plays with the concept. Or to put it another way, the show continues to choose from the larger theme: "Have you ever doubted your true nature?"

(Vol. Note: this post contains great spoilers for Westworld season 3, episode 2. While HBO provided Polygon and other stories for the first four episodes of the series, we previewed Episode 2, to keep spoilers for the upcoming episode without any episodic writing.)

Explaining the whole cast of characters in Westworld episode 2

maeve and hector world war in Westworld season 2

Photo: John P. Johnson / HBO

Joy and Nolan dedicate a full hour of Episode 2 to catch up with Maeve, now imprisoned in World War. After reuniting with Hector, he realizes that all of this is just one of the loops he has to break to find a way to escape. Lee Sizemore, having somehow survived Season 2, finds him in Delos' locker rooms, and directs him to The Forge, where all memory is stored. This is his chance to finally find his daughter, Maeve thinks … until he doesn't.

After the episode, the glorious Sizemore helps Maeve realize that the new loop is a bull. His escape from Delos is bullshit. Everything it's bullshit. His experience, as he begins to understand, is an imitation made by unknown forces who want to know what Maeve knows. But holding on to his alliance doesn't give him much power, and escapes his digital prison by using brutal power of a dragon. He hijacks the system, controls the drone in the real world, breaks his interior in content, and carries on a full-scale attack by his captors. COVID-19 suppressed There is no time for Death re-move in November, but thankfully, the creators of Westworld have given us a mini James Bond movie in the form of Maeve embedded within the real digital platforms. Give Thandie Newton an action franchise, you cowards.

Though he has fired his guns while escaping, Maeve finds one shot in existence, courtesy of a crazy new villain named Serac. Played by French actor Vincent Cassel, the businessman admits that he suspects that Maeve was behind the recent massacres, and is optimistic that understanding the reality of the Westworld park will make him break. The plan obviously didn't work, but neither does it matter! Serac knows about Dolores, and now wants Maneve – who is rebuilt in the real world – to help him hunt down the rebellious AI. He disobeys, and Serac rescues him, shifting his power over the mind of his computer. He's not used to that.

Maeve in the real world with a real white dress in Westworld season 3

Photo: John P. Johnson / HBO

Although the episode doesn't offer much context, We know what the role of Cassel is in the big picture. Westworld season 3. According to, Serac (first name, Engerraund), is "a man of great wealth," and "one of the builders of Rehoboam," the great intelligence created by Incite to put all citizens of the planet in proper perspective. Dolores is currently hunting down Incite bigwigs. Serac wants Meave to end it. Who knows what is true or false – if you have "dignity" in your character description, nothing tells you what you really are.

Season 3 premier introduced us to Liam Dempsey Jr. (John Gallagher Jr.), the son of Incite founder Liam Dempsey, who also founded Rehoboam. Maybe Serac is one of the trademarks in the business, hoping he'll go out with Junior for the wrong purposes. As a dedicated viewer of Westworld, I feel like I can't even say with authority whether Serac is real or not. After two seasons of fast and free play with punctuation and detail delivery, Joy and Nolan reinforce the idea that anything we think we see on screen in any given space can be a miracle – be it a park, a person, or even a presence. The only thing I believe is that I don't trust whatever I start to believe.

Who and what exactly is Westworld?

Here's what we know after episode 2:

  • Ashley Stubbs, having never been a real person, knows about her host-ness, and is now at the Tea Bernard
  • Lee Sizemore had died, but was later told by Serac to deceive Maeve
  • Meave's interior was redone by Incite, connected to equilibrium, and reconstructed as a "real" world host by Serac
  • Everyone has the ability to create new celebrations that look like new facts and facts, so all bets are off.

After the season 3 premiere, I went a long way in wondering if Aaron Paul & # 39; s Caleb was really staying for himself – at least on the side. A former soldier working under a collar with a blue button chasing less crime because of a seemingly straightforward video game application. Maybe a little and it's like a video game. The premier has a character who emphasizes the obvious possibility of the real world being a criminal, in a conversation we all have too many times with drunken signs. The incident was a sign that Joy and Nolan may once again be their old schemes to bend the truth. Episode 2 shows that it is very possible for any minds stored in columns to be linked to Matrix-worldly Desire wants us all to live in a AI-created utopia, and now we know that they have a position to create global fabrics – who knows where this technology really lies in the history of this story.

In the meantime, Westworld establish itself with a new kind of Blade Runner, a Maeve-vs.-Dolores showdown that will not end well with a robot or human alike. But I was at the end of my seat waiting for one twist. Episode 2 was also played on a feature scale to show the planes of existence. Episode 1 may have been entertaining with costumes. Westworld he always hides the details from the edges, waiting patiently to speak a larger truth. Anything can happen now, as this story finally reaches the big funeral.


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