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Analyst Hideki Yasuda confirms that Sony will sell six million PS5s this financial year




While questioned analysts present favorable predictions for the Xbox Series X, Hideki Yasuda maintains his view on the PS5.

On February 18, Yasuda expressed his prediction that PlayStation 5 would sell 6 million units before the end of the financial year of 2020, which is dated March 31, 2021.

This is happening in a very different framework around the world, with the spread of COVID-19 being lower than any prediction can be made. In the following weeks hit all kinds of short and medium-range strategies across industries.

Despite the epidemic, emergency situation in Japan and what appears to be a marketing campaign tepid by Sony for its console until now, It's dirty supports his prediction.

These issues, in his view, are irrelevant at the moment, as even in the quarantine, the PlayStation 4 a prominent player in this game sales. As mentioned in previous days, the numbers support Sony's dominance of the current generation.

With so many people having the time and the will to play, 1.7 million PlayStation 4 units are sold during epidemics around the world. To ensure the trust you have this system.

This is the main clue that Yasuda presents, but if you declare that you have any doubts about the console issue. In his opinion, the expected appearance of PlayStation 5 may determine that it is not pleasing to the multiplayer eye.

Under this visibility, PlayStation 5 can be calm with no announcements yet some of the topics that will come to console gameplay, and presentations without the gameplay.

But the lack of a marketing campaign and various reports on the price of the console has some fans skeptical about what Sony has to do with its PS5.


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