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PS5 will sell more than twice as Xbox Series X



PS5 will sell more than twice as Xbox Series X

We are on the eve of a new generation of consoles, which will debut before the end of the year. The first will be the PS5 of Sony and Xbox Series X of Microsoft.

Some of the games for each of them have already been shown, and many of their capabilities are known. For now, it is uncertain which of the two will lead in the years to come. But for the analysis firm DFC Intelligence, there is a clear winner and that still does not go on sale.

PS5 will sell twice as much as Xbox Series X

According to this company, the PS5 is destined to surpass Xbox Series X on a scale of two to one. It is quite likely that at the end of its life it will be another platform of Sony

to exceed 100 million units sold worldwide.

Consider that although Microsoft he tries his best, he's too far behind his rival. Added to this is consumer preference, something that has been ingrained for a long time.

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At least for a sector of the gamer public, what has been shown so far by the new Xbox it does not change that perception. Other factors that will allow the PlayStation 5 are their video games.

DFC Intelligence I affirm that Microsoft it has a presence in English-speaking countries, but it is absent from Japan, and it is weak in the European Union. These problems are not the future system of Sony, which has a strong distribution chain.

In the long term, the outlook may be different

It seems that there is a clear winner, but this firm points out that despite the above, Xbox Series X it could succeed in the long run. All thanks to GamePass, a subscription service that can be extended to a much larger audience, such as the PC and mobiles.

For DFC Intelligence, Sony he focuses too much on ‘short term' sales, and does not seem to have a long term vision. And there is more competition.

Especially from companies that already have a foot in the industry, such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung. However, they are a long way from being peer competitors in the video game industry.

This signature suggests that Microsoft might have to compete more with Nintendo what with Sony, which sounds interesting. We will see how things go with him PS5 and Xbox Series X when they come out later this year. It will be an extremely interesting duel between the two.

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