The PS5 and Xbox Series X supply It has been a disaster since its launch thanks to resale. Console shipments they run out in seconds because consumers cannot cope with Automated systems. Fortunately, this could be left behind, at least in the UK.

In accordance with Sky News, Douglas Chapman, MP for the Scottish National Party, presented a bill to ban the resale of consoles. The initiative is titled “Gaming Hardware Bill (automated buying and reselling) 2019-2021” and seeks to attack the “scalping” in a similar way to how it was applied to tickets to concerts or football matches in the UK years ago.

According to Chapman, the proposal ensures that consumers can buy consoles of video games and computer components at a price no higher than recommended. If passed, the law would make reselling goods purchased with the help of bots illegal.

Up to now there is no law that prevents the use of automated systems to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X. The problem with the bots is that they have already generated a shortage of consoles, preventing them from being bought at a reasonable price. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, a next-gen console was trading at twice the price set by Sony or Microsoft.

Reselling PS5 and Xbox Series X is “honest” work, according to scalpers

While reselling tool owners justify the practice as an honest job for those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, the reality is different. Multiple online stores they implemented processes to identify automated purchases and cancel them.

What started as a fashion to secure limited-edition sneakers from Nike or Adidas has spread to consoles and computer hardware. The NVIDIA graphics cards are also victims of the scalpers, who deplete the RTX 3000 series inventory as soon as it goes on sale.

Chapman does not believe the bill will become law, although he believes it is an action to force the government to take responsibility. Legislators are currently discussing the issue with the UK Association for Interactive Entertainment.

Currently the laws against reselling they mainly cover the sale of concert tickets. Companies like Viagogo and Ticketbande faced legal processes in Spain, Germany and other countries in for engaging in abusive behavior against consumers. In 2018, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain approved creating a framework to regulate ticket resale.

While governments decide whether to punish the resale of consoles and electronic components, consumers will have to suffer during 2021. Added to this problem is the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted the production chain and will continue to do so this year.