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The PS5 will not be the only thing that Sony will have in video games in the next generation




The next generation of consoles will not only be about power in our hardware, but there will also be some surprises regarding streaming and cloud services.

While this sounds more like something that has sold us Xbox, with Project xCloud, or the efforts of Google Stadia, Sony does not want to be left behind.

The Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, explained in a corporate conference that he has seen how the company will not only use the PS5, they will add a wide catalog and improvements in the cloud.

They are also investing heavily in exclusive games for their console, with the sole objective of offering immersive and memorable experiences for their community.

But that's not all, since Yoshida explained that the future of Sony goes beyond what they can do in their chair with their latest console..

PlayStation Cloud Games

Sony will also try to connect with more people through cloud gaming, remote gaming and mobile experiences. related to the PS5.

As we were saying, th is is not new news (we already have PlayStation Now), what is interesting is knowing how Sony

is planning to expand beyond the PS5.

Since, although it seemed to be among his plans, It is not very common that they refer to this type of services.

In numbers Sony seems pretty stable, simply him Playstation 4 It has sold 100 million units to date and has 94 million monthly active users in PlayStation Network Online.


While the service of PlayStation Plus It has 41.5 million subscribers. These are its base numbers, which make it the second largest brand in the industry, only behind Tencent in China.

So it was only a matter of time before they started making breakthroughs in the area of ​​cloud gaming and streaming for the next generation.

Improvements to Remote Play and PlayStation Now

So far we have the option of Remote Play, and according Yoshida this service will also reach Android smartphones, in addition to the already functional Sony Xperia.

As well as the service of Playstation now, which has been slow to take off but is progressing in a good way.

In this regard, Sony made an alliance with Microsoft to take advantage of the great investment that the latter made in the cloud with Azure. What makes it clear how Xbox I might have a bit of a lead in this race.

We will have to wait to know what plans he has Sony to face its competition in this area, Google Stadia and Project xCloud from Microsoft.

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