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This is what the design of the PlayStation 5 would look like according to filtration



This is what the design of the PlayStation 5 would look like according to filtration

Today was the date set for the reveal event of Playstation 5, in which many supposed we would see some of the new titles for this console, as well as a small glimpse of what its design could look like.

However, considering the situation in United States due to protests against racism, maybe this was not the best time to celebrate about video games.

So that Sony decided to postpone the event until it is appropriate to discuss the news for the PS5.

Until then, everything remained the same, the only thing we knew about the next console of Sony It was him new control, called Dual Sense


The alleged leak of the PS5

However, a couple of days ago, inside the photo Tech In Deep Two images were published that supposedly showed how the design of the Playstation 5.

The photographs appear to have been taken in one of the rehearsals for the event of the PS5 this June 4, although it is also true that these types of assemblies are quite simple to perform when you have some knowledge of editing programs.

The console in question has a strictly rectangular shape, unlike the uneven and slightly softer edges that the PS4, but in general it looks like a model typical of Sony consoles.

In this case, ventilation would also come with new features, reminding us that the more power, the more ventilation is necessary; And this improvement is noticeable at the top with a grid that we had not seen in previous models.

Without further ado, the user who posted this, under the name of Burak Mete Erdogan, noted: ‘It is said to be the PlayStation 5‘.

Whether it's the actual version or a community version, we'll know until the official reveal.

What do you think? Do you think it is the true design?

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